Let's try something special - GOLDEN STEAK 24K

Let's try something special - GOLDEN STEAK 24K

We have some news dear friends. Right from the beginning, we would you like to ask if you ever tried to eat the real gold? (yes, you are reading correctly - GOLD) Better say a gold steak (sterak with gold).

We have not, until recently ... We have tried and inspired abroad where such original & popular dish is only available in several restaurants around the world.
For several weeks we tested, tried different types / slices of meat (pick 200g argentine sirloin), tuned the overall preparation and selected gold (eventually imported from USA and Denmark). All of this effort we had a clear goal: to offer you something extraordinary and exceptional experience that you will not experience around. And it happened ...
Try our new GOLDEN STEAK 24K. This is a limited offer, WE RECOMMEND! Price: 3999 CZK


You have the opportunity to buy fresh meat for home-made steaks

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